Angry Skies
Words and music by Ez Jon Erikson copyright control 2003
I remember the summer days when I was a young boy
Wake in the mornings knowing there would be sun all day
My mum and dad would take us out for picnics in the hills
We'd sit on the dry warm hay
We'd go fishing on holiday
My brothers, father and I
Stand on the pier with a view overlooking the bay
There were so many fish out there in that sea
We'd catch some every day
These days I can hardly tell the seasons apart
And the fish seem to have gone away
The sun never shines and the rain never pours
The skies seem to remain grey
When did the sun last shine down on this land
And the fields feel warm and dry
These days the sea washes oil onto the sand
And we're trapped under angry skies
Small specialist businesses are killed off by superstores
TV stations battle over exclusive rights for sport
Children are overexposed to sex, drugs and violence
They don't really have a childhood anymore
Psycho murderers, terrorist attacks, disregard for human life
What makes a person behave in an evil way?
Innocent suffer as politicians play their stubborn parts
The biggest inland bomb went off today
If the sun was to shine even for an hour
Those harmful rays would burn right through your skin
There's so much disease in this world
You get scared of what to eat
Scared to even breath the air in
When did the rain last pour down on this land?
When was the water level in the rivers last high?
These days water suppliers struggle to meet the demands
And we're trapped under angry skies
Trapped under angry skies
First Release:
Summers Of My Life album by Ez Jon Erikson
Second Release:
Ezposure (The Acoustic Performancez) album
by Ez Jon Erikson
(acoustic version)
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