Cadaverous Lullaby

words and music written by Ez Jon Erikson
copyright control 2003
The clock drills out its alarming appeals
Screaming wake up boy
Morning already
Bathroom mirror reflects an innocent face
Weighted by detriment
Of a world so heavy
Headline cliché destructive negative
No fry skimmed milk
Welcomes the break of the fast
Decaffeinated fibred eat and you die
Don't eat you die sooner
Try to make your life last
Infinite universe
Time eternal
Life's span barely a catch of death
Expectations routined
Work third of our lives
Full circle every day until death
Everyone in a rush
Impatience boredom
Wishing life away for weekend
But life goes too fast
Slow down take it easy world
Live for now in present
Not future nor past
First Release:
Ramshackle World album by Ez Jon Erikson
Second Release:
Ezposure (The Acoustic Performancez) album
by Ez Jon Erikson
(acoustic version)

Third Release:
The Ezsential Ez Jon Erikson album
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