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DETOURS Comments May 2003

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Detours brings together three very talented, singer songwriters, Sam Johnson, Ez Jon Erikson and Julian Flindle (aka Ju), in an acoustic rock outfit. As a unit they capture a truly remarkable, distinctive sound, skeletal yet full, raw yet polished, with an urgency and immediacy. Their original songs are overflowing with melody and lyrical and vocal depth of feeling.
"Sam and I have written, recorded and performed together on several occasions, as have Ju and I. Also, Sam and Ju were in a band together out of school, Diversion Ends, so it was very natural for the three of us to form Detours" Ez comments.
"Sam and Ez are brothers, and Ez has been a close mate of mine since school, where we started writing songs together" says Julian. "Our working together is so relaxed due to the great understanding and respect we all have for each other as individuals and as musicians."
"Ezza, Ju and I are all focused, and share the same dreams, visions and goals" remarks their lead singer Sam. " Detours is a chance for the three of us to combine some of our ideas from our own solo projects in an acoustic setting, mixed with fresh ideas, and simply enjoy ourselves together as three friends."
"Yeah, it is not really about how great the guitar, trumpet or harmonica playing is" adds Ez, "but about how good the songs are, and how well they come across in a stripped down format. It is a chance to hear a truly great singer, Sam, in an intimate atmosphere. Also, the rehearsals for me are about great tea drinking!" 
Sam: "Thanks, Ezza. Actually we're very diverse as all three of us write, sing, play instruments, and have our own styles. The variety of songs we perform cover a lot of ground, and provide great entertainment....and Ezza's right about the tea. I've never seen anyone drink as much tea as Ezza does, and you should see how strong it is! It's like mud, because he leaves the teabag in and only has a molecule of milk with it, and besides that he's also always eating curry!"
Ju: "Mine's a coffee black no sugar! Anyhow, the three of us feel that as a trio we can do this for a long time and achieve so very much. The potential is there for us to develop our style and sound over a long period of time, and experiment. At present we are focusing on an under-produced, acoustic sound, but as we progress, our arrangements will probably bring in fuller instrumentation, such as bass, drums and subtle keyboards."
Ez: "We've played some small, intimate warm up gigs in secret locations, and they went down incredibly well. The reaction from the audience was very encouraging. We have recently finished recording an introductory album entitled "Debut" now available on CD format from the website. We have such a treasure chest of material to choose from, so deciding on which songs to record for the CD and which ones to put to one side for now was not easy, but we're thrilled with the final decision. We believe that the album captures our acoustic, live sound remarkably well. Check it out. I'd like to acknowledge the great engineering job by our friend Paul Adshead."
Sam: "We're now looking forward to performing live, starting with the Saddleworth Festival. It's a great honour for us to have been chosen for this event."
(Detours speaking on the release of their CD 'Detours Debut' prior to the Saddleworth Festival concert)














Detours on CD


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