Fun In The Snow
words and music written by Ez Jon Erikson copyright control 2004
Festive time of year again season of goodwill
Sent my letter to Santa Claus and the snowfalls cover the hills
There's children hoping Santa will bring
A toy soldier and a rifle
But Santie there's no present greater for me
Than Mama's homemade sherry trifle
Parties on everywhere we go
Christmas tree fairy light's a glow
Kissed my baby under mistletoe
Goin' outside for fun in the snow
Oh, oh, oh, fun in the snow
Oh, oh, ho ho ho, fun in the snow
Throwin' snowballs it's icy don't fall
Wrap up 'cause it's snowing
Slip 'n' slide join me in a sleigh ride
Hear those Christmas carolers sing
Snow drift's huge let's go in to watch Scrooge
Hear those church bells ring
Turkey stuffin' on a muffin
And brandy blazing Christmas puddin'
Rockin' around the Christmas tree
We all sing and shout
Peace on Earth
Drink to Messiah's birth
Hey Mama can I have some more sprouts

First Release:
Snowballed The Christmas EP

Second Release:
Season's Greetings EP
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