Happy Home

words and music written by Ez Jon Erikson copyright control 2003
Never shows thought or consideration
Others are always to blame
In her eyes she's never ever done any wrong
Yet others offend and always cause her pain
Only her side to every story
Oh, she'll demand an apology
Then like a sulking child
Hide inside her happy home
And never let you in her happy home
Hypocritically wears a happy face
But inside a heart of chrome
Plays happy family but it's all a fake
Yet insists this is a happy home
Unforgiving regardless of the pain
Unless she has something to gain
But then she'll throw it in your face again
And hide inside her happy home
This is a happy home unlike the one before
Never gonna let any trouble come through that door
This is a happy home though inside she still feels sore
Why does nobody come round here anymore?


First Release:
Ezposure (The Acoustic Performancez) album
by Ez Jon Erikson
(acoustic version)
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