• His Bark Is Worse Than His Bite

    words and music written by Ez Jon Erikson
    copyright control 1995
    Deliverin' newspapers in the morning
    Come to the house that's last
    Out in the yard the dog is barkin'
    Well I don't want to be his breakfast
    If this is him being friendly
    I'd hate to see him when he's angry
    And they tell me
    His bark is worse than his bite
    Seein' ain't believin'
    They're telling a lie
    His bark is worse than his bite
    And I say pigs might fly
    Yo, doggie, get yer teeth outta my ass
    Inky fingers forcing mags through the door
    Didn't even get a tip at Christmas
    This fruit is rotten to the core
    My fruit is sore
    Need an anti-tetanus
    Well, how the hell can they call this a pet?
    It should be put in a zoo or taken to a vet
    Oh, zabee doobee, zab zab zabee doo
    Nice for Ezza
    His bark is worse than his bite
    Hearin' is deceivin'
    'Cause that I don't buy
    His bark is worse than his bite
    And I say let sleeping dogs lie
    Let sleeping dogs


    First Release:
    Ramshackle World album by Ez Jon Erikson

    Second Release:
    The Ezsential Ez Jon Erikson album
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