Julian Flindle
Guitar and vocals
(studio only from 2006)

Ju is a traditional singer songwriter and is known as the quiet man of Detours, although Ez and Sam laugh at the thought. "He's quiet until you get to know him" says Sam. "Ju has a great sense of humour, but he is very private and gives the impression of being logical and in control, unlike Sam and myself" adds Ez.

Ju was in his own band Duel whilst at Saddleworth Sixth Form School, where he met Ez, and the two immediately developed a strong friendship based on their love of music. They formed the duo Vis-a-Vis, which later became Erikson Flindle. Their main influences in the early days included Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, Hall and Oates, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and rock groups such as Van Halen and Kiss. Ju was heavily into Billy Idol and Ozzy Osbourne, where Ez leaned towards lyricists such as Fish formerly of Marillion, and Stuart Adamson of Big Country. Through his friendship with Ez, Ju met Ez's brother Sam and became the keyboard player of the Saddleworth rock band Diversion Ends until their split in the early nineties. Ju was then for quitting music, but Ez kept him involved with the recording of the Ez Jon Erikson - Eztravaganza demo album, which included nine songs cowritten by Ez and Ju. Although Ju had been a part of the rock band format, he was always happiest performing unplugged. Both Ez and Ju have always written their songs with either an acoustic guitar or at a piano. Influences such as Bob Dylan, The Byrds, Oasis and Steve Earle would help to develop Ju's acoustic guitar playing and songwriting over the years that followed.

Julian then played live as a solo acoustic artist, and sent out a demo EP of his music recorded with his own backing band to agencies and management companies. In 2002 Julian was discovered by a London management company. A single, For You, was released on an independent label Kool Kozak. Although distribution was limited, the single is believed to have attracted in excess of 2,000 plays on independent radio. Record company interest followed, but with the advice to Ju to build a profile using independent releases, and then if successful to re-contact. Julian is still represented by a major London music casting agency.

The cost of future projects coupled with Julian's desire to make less commercial, acoustic music led him back to Manchester. He was asked by Ez and Sam to be a part of their acoustic Detours, and he could not refuse. Rehearsals began and soon they found themselves in the studio. Recording Detours Debut was a breath of fresh air, and the less acoustic Detours projects No Evil, Snowballed The Christmas EP, and A Dark Storm soon followed. These recordings were made available at their concerts and through their website, and since then Ez has set up the independent record label Detours Music, releasing their recordings digitally on iTunes and Tunetribe.

Julian has not performed live since Detours Music's Christmas Acoustic Concert in December 2005, following the conclusion of their A Dark Storm album. In 2006 he retired from live performances due to work and personal commitments, although is still involved with Detours in the studio, and features on the album Sense Of Purpose. A solo album Same Old Sky is also in the pipeline, although the release date is unconfirmed. He does not rule out the chance of performing with Ez and Sam again, and so a reunion of Detours as a trio live in concert is always on the cards and anticipated in the near future.

Julian's own songs used within Detours tend to tell stories, examples include Runaway Child, More To Life and Behind Closed Doors. These are the songs that suit Ju best, who's voice has been described by several fans as a cross between Bob Dylan and Bryan Adams. Ju is then also able to show his songwriting skills when specifically writing for the stronger, more technically natural voice of fellow Detours member Sam Johnson, with songs such as Someday, For Your Love, Memory Lane and Betrayed.

When you look back over the years at groups such as The Beatles, Kiss, Bee Gees and Oasis, you recognise that they are made up of several very different voices, but each an equally important ingredient. Such is the case with Detours. Here is a trio with three very different singers, and three very different songwriters, but each is essential for the overall, excellent result.

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