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Mama's Goin' To The Ball Tonight

First release:

Summers Of My Life





(words and music written by Ez Jon Erikson copyright control)
Mama's tired again been workin' all day long
Her sons and daughters are no help just doin' her wrong
They don't lift a finger, well they just ain't fair
Sometimes it seems that they just don't care
She has to start again when she gets home
Cook, wash, scrub and iron her fingers to the bone
Her nerves are raw, she's totally worn out
It's no wonder she gets worked up and she starts to shout
Mama's goin' to the ball tonight
Papa says he's gonna treat her right
Well, this night's for her
First one all year
Mama's goin' to the ball tonight
Mama's goin' to the ball tonight
Papa's gonna dance with her and hold her tight
They'll keep on goin' 'til the mornin' light
Mama's goin' to the ball tonight
Why is it when kids grow up they don't keep in touch
A phone call or a visit ain't askin' too much
An invitation for a meal once in a while would be nice
But they only seem to call for money or advice
When Ma and Pa show their concern sincere
They're told to live their lives don't interfere
Try to control feelings 'cause they just can't win
Hold over thirty years of stress and grief and worry within
Where's Mama?
At the ball boy
Where's Mama?
At the ball boy?
Where's Mama?
Oh, Mama's at the ball tonight


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