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Masters Of Our Destiny

First release:

Summers Of My Life



Second release:

Ezposure (The Acoustic Performancez)


(Words and music by Ez Jon Erikson copyright control)
A man who smoked, drank, overate for all of his life
Died in his sleep ninety years old next to his wife
He'd always had a lot of butter on his knife
Ain't it strange
Grandson was as health conscious as could be
Went to the gym every night before his tea
Died of a heart attack aged thirty three
Ain't it strange
Oh, the hand of fate keeps turnin'
And oh, life's lessons we keep learnin'
Who are the masters of our destiny
Are we the masters of our destiny
Does our destiny lie in our own hands
Who are the masters of our destiny
Are we the masters of our destiny
Or does our destiny lie in other hands
Guy buys ten tickets every week for the lottery
Wants to be rich but never ever wins a single penny
Neighbour wins jackpot first time for his family
Got any change?
Lady long legs tight skirt blonde locks
Gets the job because of her good looks
If you've no sex appeal you have to take the knocks
It should change
Oh, the sands of time keep driftin'
And oh, our fortunes keep on shiftin'
Rock group with great talent only pennies they make
For years no record company would give them a break
Makes you wonder just what does it have to take
It should change
Kids who can't sing or write but have a contact
Sign for a multi-million dollar contract
Make a movie though they can't even act
Ain't it strange
Oh, wheel of fortune keeps on turnin'
And oh, our hunger keeps on burnin'
They say the rich aren't always happy
Oh, they're always wantin' more
But I'd choose rich and unhappy
Than unhappy and poor


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