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First release:

Ramshackle World


Second release:

Ezposure (The Acoustic Performancez)




Words and music by Ez Jon Erikson  copyright 1999

A mental walk in a park
Of psychic tranquility
We lie and talk
On the grass by the willow tree
Alone just us two
Oh, the gentle breeze
Lying next to you
My heart and mind at ease
Your face disappears as I turn to you
My mind creates vivid images of you
Inside there's a hungering pain
Without you it's not the same
Return to me for my love still remains
Optical illusion
Mirage of your beauty is unkindly kind
A noxious fusion
Of feelings and thoughts to mind
Your image an oasis
To quench my thirst for you
Reality erases
The dream that won't come true





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