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No More A Fool

First release:

Summers Of My Life



(Words written by Ez Jon Erikson,
music written by Sam Johnson copyright control)
You think you drive me crazy
That I'm a fool for you
You think you've got me tied down
Well, I've got news for you
I wasn't born yesterday
I know what's on your mind
You play around at your own desire
You're being too cruel to be kind
You're being too cruel to be kind
Lovin' you ain't easy
No more a fool
I'm used at your advantage
Never really turn you on
But now those tides of time are rolling
It's time that I was gone
You always used to convince me
With all those golden lies
But no, no, not ever again, girl
Once bitten twice is shy
Once bitten twice is shy
There'll be no more false pretences
I'm not gonna change my mind
I'm gonna stick to my guns now
I'm gonna leave you far behind
That's as far as it goes, girl
I think you've had your fun
I learned my lesson the hard way
Too late the damage is done
Too late the damage is done


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