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Ramshackle World

First release:

Ramshackle World





Words and music by Ez Jon Erikson copyright 1998

Greed corruption, tryin' to get rich fast
Possess everything now, hurry while stocks last
Immoral frustration, nymphomania
Psychotic behaviour, schizophrenia
Bosses say times are hard, tough world out there
No money in the pot to go round
Yet they line their own pockets as we tighten our belts
But just how far can we stretch each pound
No justice in this ramshackle world
I said no justice in this ramshackle world
Intoxicated red faced downtrodden man
Tattered rummaging through the garbage can
Excuse me sir if you've a heart could you spare me 10p?
On the road, I'm desperate, it's for a cup of tea
An inapt inauspicious world
Corrupt reach the zenith, crime seems to pay
We suffer in silence 'cause if money talks
Then the poor have little to say
On the corner the man shouts "evenin' news"
Optimistic headlines are overdue
Grievance of those who are long denied
Justice in a ramshackle world has died


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