Sam Johnson
Vocals, trumpet, cornet and percussion

When you hear Sam perform live in concert you recognise that he is a natural singer's singer, who, as the saying goes, learnt to sing before he could even talk (he's certainly learnt to talk though!). His breath control, range and feeling are impressive, as is his versatility. His ability to breathe intimacy and emotion into a love song or ballad with his easy style makes the listener believe that the song is being sung just for them.

Taught to play brass instruments as a child by his father Eric Johnson (a very talented musician and poet in his own right) Sam won many awards from a young age as a solo cornet and flugel horn player. He is proud of his brass background, and incorporates this added talent into the music of Detours by the addition of his gold trumpet and silver cornet into several arrangements. He has previously been the lead singer for three rock groups from Saddleworth, Griffon, Emerald Lake and more notably Diversion Ends, gaining invaluable live and studio experience.

Prior to the formation of Detours Sam performed further live gigs both as a solo artist and with Paul Adshead as a duo named Coxx, and also recorded several demos. Sam also appears on several of Ez Jon Erikson's solo recordings on co-vocals and brass.

Unlike Ju and Ez, Sam is not recognised as a prolific, 'deep' songwriter, but more as a natural singer and a unique character with an incredible sense of humour. However, he is certainly a strong melody man and has been involved in the writing of such gems as Always Be To Me, Doesn't Matter Much To Me, Falling, Right Thing, Took Words Outta My Mouth, It's Not Right, Right Now, What Comes Down, Miss You Most and The Bells Of St Mary. Ez describes the Sam composition Games, from their third album A Dark Storm, as the best thing he's ever done, and Ju states "I wish I'd written it."

Ju comments "Sam's one of those guys that you know you've met. If someone says "do you know Sam Johnson?" you don't reply "I'm not sure" or "the name doesn't ring a bell". If you've met him, you know you've met him! If you're unsure, then you've definitely not met him! He's a born entertainer, an absolute nutcase, and you can never be sure what he is going to do or say next, but he has a true heart of gold."

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