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Snow On The Mountains

First release:

Snowballed The Christmas EP



Snow On The Mountains
(words written by Ez Jon Erikson,
music written by Ez Jon Erikson and Julian Flindle
copyright control)
December nights growing old
I feel myself turning cold without you here beside me
Low flame no fuel to my fire
Snow outside drifting higher, a blizzard inside me
Hold tight to memories
Your love is what I need the most this time of year
Lying side by side by the Christmas tree
You lied when you whispered that you would always love me
Mesmerising, fantasising
But the truth is in your mind you were criticising me
Young lovers pass hand in hand
Souls massaged by Wonderland, yet mine undercover
My Christmas Eve spent alone
Lying spellbound by the phone to hear the clock strike hour after hour
Always believed in love to last
Always living in the past, can't face the present nor my future to be
Used ruled and fooled me by playing your role
You lied when you swore that you would never let me go
Hypnotising, tantalising
But the truth is in your heart you were victimising me
I look to the snow on the mountains
The snow on the mountains
Oh, holding back the tears
Just holding back the tears
Christmas is empty without you
Hold on to memories
Holding on, holding on, holding on hold tight
to memories
Oh, I just keep holding on, girl, to memories


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