Artwork History

The original artwork for the album was replaced in 2002. This was necessary to include the website addresses, and so the opportunity was taken to make several other amendments. All of the three logos for Ez, EJE and Ezstatic Music were then included. The cover remained unaltered, but the rear photo and the CD disc itself were altered. The original rear artwork included a photo of Ez sat smiling on a bench, casually holding his guitar, sat in front of a large stone wall. This was replaced by a more appropriate "artistic" photo of Ez stood on some rocks on a beach, looking out to sea. A photo of a similar nature was previously included on the original CD disc itself, but this was replaced by the touched up photo of Ez with stars and stripes bandana, which was used on the home page of the website when it was originally set up.
In 2004 Ezstatic Music changed its name to Detours Music, and so further alterations were made to take this into account. The Ezstatic Music logo was obviously replaced by the Detours Music logo, and the www.ezstaticmusic.co.uk domain name was replaced by www.detours.info and www.detoursmusic.co.uk. Then the final amendment took place in 2005 when Detours Music made the decision to delete all of their picture discs, replacing them with on body printed CDs.








"Summers Of My Life" CD rear original
Summers Of My Life cd disc original
"Summers Of My Life" CD disc original

Summers Of My Life cd rear revised

"Summers Of My Life" CD rear revised 2002

"Summers Of My Life" CD disc revised 2002

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